Thursday, March 28, 2013

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For more details about the different models of e-cigarett; the instruments to use to prepare liquids; liquids with different concentrations of nicotine or aromas... I invite you the read my ebook, available on, titled:

Electronic cigarette:" How I quit smoking" 

Possible toxicity of the electronic cigarette


I have conducted some studies and researches supported by a University laboratory in order to realize some chemical analysis of the elements present in the liquid vaporized.
From the analyzes conducted on several samples of liquids on the market, has been detected the presence of four major components:
- Nicotine liquid;
- Propylene Glycol;
- Glycerol or vegetable glycerin;
- Sterile water.
The glycol and glycerin are substantially binders present respectively in many foods and many drugs for oral use or injectable.
Their toxicity in humans if inhaled, it is virtually non-existent; 

The only compound having a moderate toxicity is nicotine in liquid form; obviously for those who is starting out with the use of the electronic cigarette, is certainly advisable to use liquid with nicotine in fact this substance simulates the real cigarette returning an moderate impact on the throat and a good habit. Nevertheless the liquid nicotine is toxic only if touched or ingested while if it is inhaled in the form of steam, its toxicity is comparable to 2/3 cups of coffee.
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Liquid diy


I purchased a bottle of sterile water, two 100 ml bottles of glycerin and 100 ml of glycol on  internet but also in pharmacy; different sweet flavors in liquid form and then the base of liquid nicotine.
The base is generally available on many Internet sites and its cost (13 to 20 Euros) varies depending on the concentration of nicotine. I have bought 100 ml of base at 36mg nicotine in such a way that with a good dilution I could get more liquid to be vaporized.
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Electronic cigarette 

Why quit smoking?


There are many reasons to quit smoking, during my experience as a smoker, I have found several of them :
Why we want to destroy our lives?

Has always bothered me the fact that this vice had controlled my whole person: Every morning I used to jump through hoops to smoke the first cigarette, I have become a slave to coffee and to a  negative habit that has worsened over the years. I've been addicted under every point of view and I was also aware of how it was employed also my emotional stability: my happiness was closely linked to addiction caused by cigarettes. I could not eat that soon I had to smoke as well as any intellectual or work activity included a break of "smoke". In short, a real "crap" to which I decided to give up.

Comparison between the different models


In comparing them, what varies is substantially the atomizer or the system of liquid intake:
I personally found excellent the system of cotton thread because the steam produced is very dense and flavored.
The threads of cotton  move the liquid to an electrical resistance. This resistance is heated from the battery and causes the vaporization of the liquid that is so smoked.
A gripping system of four wires would be ideal, however, it has definitely higher costs compared to that of two wires.